How We’re Changing
Healthcare Everywhere

Today, we are witnessing a shift toward consumers taking control of their own healthcare costs and outcomes.

Endeavor Plus was founded on the belief that employers and employees hold the key in controlling these continually rising healthcare costs. Through our partially self-funded health plan that focuses on employee wellness, education and engagement; small group employers are better able to attract and retain valuable employees, as well as enjoy the savings, control, transparency and freedom gained when they partner with us.

Employees also reap the benefits of sharing in the affordability through a Health Savings Account, Wellness Plan, Telemedicine and much more.

Plan Design

Endeavor Plus has taken a unique approach to consumer-directed health plans. Our single plan design includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) paired with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), simplified enrollment and straightforward data in order to keep costs down for employers.

Each employee or family’s HSA account is also partially funded by the employer to further reduce the impact of meeting a deductible. Both the employee and other third parties can make additional contributions at any time up to HSA annual maximums.

This allows employees to enjoy lower monthly premiums, take an active role in their health, and save money in an account that uses pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses. Plus, any unused portion of that savings rolls over to the next year for future use.

Provider Access

Finding a healthcare provider has never been easier than with Endeavor Plus.

Endeavor Plus offers open access to any provider through our open provider network. Plan members have no co-insurance penalties are not limited to certain doctors or hospitals; they can go to any provider they choose and no longer have to sacrifice choice.

Not only can our members take advantage of on-call telemedicine health professionals, but also included in our plan is a fully integrated wellness app that allows members to find highly rated local healthcare providers and facilities.

Reinsurance Coverage

The long-term financial viability of our health plan is a component of our success, which is why we wrap each of our clients' benefit plans with protection from top rated insurance carriers. These policies cover each plan for large individual claims, and higher-than-expected claims for the group. Endeavor Plus also has ownership of its own reinsurance provider to further reduce risk.

Employee Engagement

Our numerous employee benefits make an Endeavor Plus Plan an excellent choice for employers who want to attract and retain a loyal workforce.

The employee benefits include direct employer funding of Health Savings Accounts, which allows employees to jumpstart their plan savings and help satisfy their deductibles. It also encourages healthy lifestyles by offering benefits such as personal trainers, nutritionists and weight-loss programs. The plan also has a complimentary wellness program that helps employees and their families set wellness goals and tap into resources to obtain and sustain those goals. Our telemedicine solutions give members peace of mind knowing that they have 24/7 access to affordable, qualified medical advice.

Not only does Endeavor Plus offer excellent member benefits, but also easy access to these benefits through our wellness app, online portal and personal member advocates.

Risk Leveling

Endeavor Plus features a patent-pending, risk-leveling program utilizing health risk bonds that are available to investors in the capital bond markets. These bonds provide long-term financing for large exposure claims. This mitigates the financial impact of larger-than-expected claims for the employer and the carrier, while providing immediate payment to the service providers and facilities.